Covid-19 Procedures


Covid- 19 Procedure

Updated Friday, 17th September 2021

We are operating inline with the latest Bermuda Government Guidelines. We have summarized our full coronavirus safe operating procedure.

Our Key Points to our policy

1. Governing Body Guidelines

Bermuda Government and the RYA guidelines for coaching specifics

2. Preparing/arriving to come to the centre

Any participant including someone in the same household with the following symptoms will be refused entry to the centre and be required to follow Bermuda Government guidelines.

Fever ( above 100.4 °F (38°C) ), tiredness, dry cough

All customers (Over 2 years old) and staff must have a face covering on properly over their month and nose (masks with vents are not allowed) when arriving to the centre and indoors at all times.

For Non-Immunized (Not had 2 doses of covid-19 vaccine + 2 weeks) Persons Recently Travelled:

All customers or staff who have recently arrived from overseas must quarantine at their accommodation and only be allowed to enter the centre including kids of non-vaccinated parents arriving after JUNE 6th ,must quarantine at a designated hotel until their day-14 negative covid-19 test.

Kids under 18 who are non-immunized, who have travelled with fully vaccinated parent travelers will be allowed to enter on the same rules as immunized travelers for all activities after day 1 negative except kids’ activity week camps.

All kids under 18 who are non-immunized wanting to do a 5-day activity week camps, must wait until negative day 10

For Immunized (Had 2 doses of covid-19 vaccine + 2 weeks) Persons Recently Travelled:

Immunized travelers are required to wear a red Traveler Wristband until your day 1 negative.

Immunized customers or staff who has received a negative pre-arrival test result must quarantine until receiving a negative arrival test result. Customers and Staff can attend the centre after this and must be strictly adhered as well as being in well ventilated area outdoors or indoors with mask wearing and social distancing. Immunized travelers (age 16+) without a negative pre-arrival test result travelling must quarantine until receiving a negative day 4 test result.

Please see our ‘Coronavirus- Covid 19 section under our terms and conditions’ where you will be able to receive a credit for future booking, if a session cannot take place because of coronavirus (covid-19) government guideline change then our book with confidence, 100% money back guarantee applies.

3. Temperature Checks and Contract Tracing

All customers will have their temperature taken on arrival of the centre each day and asked about their current health condition. We will keep a list of all customers who have attended the centre on a day by day basis for contact tracing purposes.

Each household up to 4 people will need to complete our coronavirus (covid-19) health declaration, 2 days prior to attending a course or first session each week, which is available on our website under ‘policies & waivers’.Please make sure you fill in the correct one depending on your activity location. This must be ‘preferably’ completed on your own device, prior to arrival at the centre.

All Staff will have their temperature taken before the start of each day. They will be trained in the symptoms of covid-19 and any staff member who displays symptoms must self isolate at home away from the work place until symptoms go away which maybe followed with a negative covid-19 test result. This is dependent on the Department of Health case management team.

4. Safe Key Useage at the centres

As of Friday, 17th September 2021, in line with the latest Bermuda Government Coronavirus restrictions, all double kayaks, double handed sailing and instructor ‘inboat’ tuition for all participants and instructors will require the use of safe key until further notice. Safe key for these activities will be verified by our U Sail Team by using have your safe key QR code ready for our team to scan at check-in. Thank you for your corporation in keeping safe!

4. Cleaning and disinfecting/ Social distancing

We are implementing a cleaning and disinfecting protocol as detailed in our full policy and putting into place the Bermuda Government covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting policy with and/or without suspected or known covid-19 cases.

All our staff will be trained on the cleaning protocol and will have watched the 'Infection Prevention and Control Training Revised 43-minute’ government video.

All our teaching will be done outside in the open, making sure 2m physical distance can be maintained.

We aim to have some markers as an aid to assist with keeping this your distance.

We ask that you please come to the centre already changed ready for your session or activity week to avoid using the restrooms for changing.

5. Facilities

We will no longer be providing any plastic water cups with the water refill station for hygienic reasons. Instead, we ask that you please bring a full reusable bottle of water to the centre.

We have 'U Sail Bermuda' branded reusable water bottles to reduce our plastic footprint at the centre. These are available for sale online for $15 per bottle and can be brought at the Harrington Sound centre with card payment only.


Safe Key Verify Link for our U Sail Team members


Cleaning and Disinfectants Policies

View the Bermuda Government Guideline Cleaning Policies for facilities


Coronavirus (covid-19) Health Declaration

Please complete our coronavirus (covid-19) health declaration at maximum 2 days prior to attending a course or first session each week.

Please make sure you complete the covid-19 health declaration for the correct centre.

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