RS Aero Hire

Starting at $52 per hour 1 hour


Take to the sound in the RS Aero designed by Jo Richard in 2014. The RS Aero provides all round performance while keeping rigging and set up simple. This single hander boat is a modern version to The Laser showing similar characteristics. Enjoy sailing this RS Aero for perfecting your techniques and boat handing.

Everyone who gets afloat on our little gem ‘Harrington Sound’ leave with renewed self-confidence and big smiles.

An RS Aero is a one design single handed dinghy great for those who want to try something lighter. It is a great boat which can accommodate children around ages 12-14 with the small number 5 rig. The number 7 or 9 rig allows adults to get out on the water in a range of sailing conditions.

Harrington Sound is the perfect sailing location as you can just focus on you enjoying your time on the water. There is very little commercial traffic due to the restricted height at flatts inlet which is the only access point to Harrington Sound.

This is for day hire sessions in sailing the RS Aero. You can chose from just sailing for 1 hour or per hour, half day (3 hour) session or full day (6 hour) session. Any damages on grounds of neglect, will be covered by the customer.

Any hire session always has supervised staff member watching the water as long as in the rentals area. This means we can provide rescue cover if you suddenly find yourself in trouble.